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What is the development process of the liquid crystal displa

Article Source:未知 Popularity: issuing time:2019-03-26 15:02

  The development history of LCM liquid crystal display module is very long, and its application can be seen everywhere in life. As mobile phones and wearable devices are gradually introduced into biosensors.

  Xiaobian today tells you about the development process of LCM liquid crystal display module? I hope everyone can support us Jiangsu Jutai Technology Co., Ltd.

  Its biometrics, plus some applications that can be combined with the Internet, appear to be very promising.

  LCM expects its output value to reach 710 million US dollars, or 4.71 billion yuan, and a compound growth rate of 24% in 2020. It will become a new technology for LCM manufacturers.

  Our company's LCM liquid crystal display module in the development of the market environment, LCM liquid crystal module is now developing its focus now on the traditional backlight, lighting applications, can replace some of the applications that have not paid attention to UV LED, IR LED, etc. .

  Our company's LCM liquid crystal display module application is now mature, and quite stable, and with the rise of a variety of emerging applications, LCM liquid crystal display module can get the focus of LCM manufacturers.

  The traditional LCM liquid crystal display module can display our living status in application, whether it is the faucet that is automatically sensed when washing the hand, or the remote control that controls the TV or the air conditioner, the infrared photographers photographed in the port It is the scope of application of LCM.

  With the rise of modern Internet, biometrics, and wearable devices, the application of various sensors, for the characteristics of LCM liquid crystal display modules, we must know that it is an important auxiliary light source, which can pass through the sensing device and identification technology. Iris recognition, face recognition and other techniques can be used.

  With the continuous innovation of technology, various technologies have emerged. Xiaobian estimates that our LCM liquid crystal display module will also have a production value of over 100 million, becoming a dark horse in the LCM liquid crystal display module industry.

  The above is what Xiaobian said, I hope everyone can like it, can support our company's technology, if our technology can not satisfy customers, please ask the majority of users, Xiaobian is grateful, this is also a time for our company Improve.

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