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What should I pay attention to when using LCM liquid crystal

Article Source:未知 Popularity: issuing time:2019-03-26 15:02

  LCM liquid crystal display module What should we pay attention to when using it? Xiaobian will explain to you, I hope everyone can support Jiangsu Jutai Technology Co., Ltd.

  At the time of installation, the surface protective film to the complete machine assembly cannot be removed before the end, so as to avoid soiling or staining.

  A pad of about 0.1 mm should be installed between the module and the front panel. The panel should be flat and will not be distorted after assembly.

  When operating, it must be noted that the assembly accuracy of the LCM liquid crystal display module is relatively high, and after careful assembly adjustment, it cannot be freely processed and trimmed at will.

  Specifically, it is not possible to modify and process the PCB shape, assembly holes, and wiring components at will.

  It is not possible to disassemble and modify the conductive rubber strip, and it is not possible to arbitrarily modify various internal brackets, and it is not possible to fall, bump, bend, and move at will.

  In the LCM liquid crystal display module, the CMOS-LSI is destroyed by static electricity, so that the human body can generate high-voltage static electricity of several kilovolts or more at any time, which is very dangerous and requires special attention during the operation.

  It is not possible to touch the outer lead and the circuit metal frame on the circuit board by hand. If it is necessary to touch it directly, it must be well grounded to ensure safety.

  The soldering should be grounded and checked for leakage.

  When soldering leads, interfaces, and circuits, be sure to note that the temperature should be 230 °C ± 10 °C, the soldering time should be less than 3-4 s, the solder material is eutectic, low melting point, and acid solder can not be used.

  Under the liquid crystal module, its visual range and driving voltage are changed. It is appropriate to adjust Vee to the best contrast at different temperatures. Pay attention to its proper wiring and check whether its positive and negative power supply wiring is correct.

  Otherwise, the chip of the circuit will be burnt out, so that it will exceed the specified voltage, and the life will also be affected.

  The above is what Xiaobian said, I hope everyone can like it.

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