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What is the new development of LCM liquid crystal display mo

Article Source:未知 Popularity: issuing time:2019-03-26 14:58

  The development speed of LCM liquid crystal display module in the field of liquid crystal is far faster than other home appliances. The iteration time of LCM liquid crystal display module into LCD screen is continuously shortened.

  The LCM liquid crystal display module is also from 480P-1080P. When we have not fully realized that the 4K liquid crystal display module will dominate the world, the 8K resolution liquid crystal display module has already arrived.

  We Jiangsu Polytech Co., Ltd. first to introduce 8K LCD screen to everyone, the resolution is 16 times that of traditional 1080P, we have to match the 7680x4320 resolution, you can achieve point to display 8K video.

  We, Jiangsu Jutai Technology Co., Ltd., from 32 inches to 85 inches to meet various needs, but only design 80-inch and 70-inch models, mainly 8K resolution pictures are very clear, small and medium size It is completely unable to show its effect, so it is the same design concept as the current 4K LCD screen is also 48 inches.

  Polytech LCD screen LCD-80XU35A can be said to be very "bulky" to describe, 80-inch screen area on the base height, LCD screen is almost the same height, ultra-narrow side body design is also to make the screen look bigger This is because the LCD screen itself is relatively heavy, naturally requires a more solid base to support, our Jutai LCM liquid crystal display module uses acrylic material and reflective structure design, the maximum is to improve the sound pressure difference and sound The frequency and the curved shape of the sound are more futuristic and fashionable. While improving the sound quality, the LCD screen adds a lot of artistic atmosphere.

  LCM liquid crystal display module uses Android 4.4.3 version of the intelligent operating system, providing 4GB of storage space, and the menu uses the "sandwich" menu that has been in contact with the previous, divided into LCD crystal screen live broadcast, Internet video and APP The three main faces of the application, the user can use the remote control gas to perform the "page turning" control.

  In terms of color realization, LCM's new products have a new wide color gamut technology for the new phosphor LED backlight system, and also equipped with some new technologies.

  The above is what Xiaobian said, I hope everyone can like it.

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